Feb 7, 2012

Definition of Teacher Competence

schoolash.blog - Every position or employment requires special skills for owner, so that in performing the task can be smoothly and obtain results in line with expectations. So the ability or collectively, the competence is a prerequisite for a position or job would authorize a person to hold that office.

The term competence actually has many meanings as set forth by The Caharles E. Johnson (in Usman, 2004:14) suggested "Competency as a rational Greenwich satisfactorily meets the performance objectives for a Desired condition". Competence is a rational behavior to achieve the purpose required in accordance with the conditions expected. As for the competence of teachers according to Mc.Leod (in Usman, 2004:14) "the ability of a teacher to responsibly perform her duties or has appropriately". That the competence of teachers is the teacher's ability to implement the obligations in a responsible and viable.

Mulyasa (2002:3) suggests "the competence of teachers is the knowledge skills and abilities are controlled by someone who had to be him so that he can perform the behaviors of cognitive, affective and psycomotor as well as possible. Supandi (1985:124) defined as the ability type is determined based on job analysis (job analysis) coupled with the personal nature of the conditions that support teachers' ability to carry out the work. Understanding of competency based on the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 Year 2005 on Teachers and Lecturers is a set of knowledge that must be owned, lived and ruled by an education in implementing the tasks competence ". (Article 1 paragraph 10 of the Republic of Indonesia No.14 Year 2005)

Of the various opinions on the above, it can be the authors conclude that the competence of teachers is an ability that must be mastered by an educator in performing their duties as educators and mentors children in the classroom.

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