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Education Game - Food Chain - The food chain is the transfer of food energy from plants through a series of resources or through levels of eating organisms (plants - herbivores - carnivores - omnivores). At each stage of the transfer of energy, 80% -90% of the potential energy is lost as heat, so the steps in the food chain is limited only 4-5 steps. In other words, the shorter the food chain, the greater the available energy.

There are two basic types of food chains:

Food chain grass (grazing food chain). For example: plants - herbivores - carnivores - omnivores.
The rest of the food chain (detritus food chain). Material dead microorganisms (detritivora = organism eating leftovers) predator and prey.

ecological scientists recognize three kinds of basic chain chain yaoitu predators, parasites chain, and chain saprophyte

a. The main runway is the predator chain green plants as producers dimuali predatory chain of animals that are herbifora as a consumer one, followed by carnivore teeth
b. Tooth Chaain this is one funny thing in biology

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