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Definition Language According to the Experts - What is mean of language? Did you know? There are some experts who descript definition or understanding language. We consider only the points that exist.

Precisely there are nine experts who express opinions about ten language understanding. But from the other party, Wikipedia, also wrote about the language definition. Well, here is the speech experts on language understanding.

According Keraf in Smarapradhipa (2005:1), providing two language understanding. The first notion of language as stated means of communication between members of the public in the form of a symbol of the sound produced by means of said human. Second, language is a communication system that uses symbols vocal (speech sound) which are arbitrary.

Another case in Stiawan according to Owen (2006:1), describes the language definition language can be defined as a socially shared Those combinations of symbols and rule governed Those combinations of symbols (language can be defined as a socially acceptable code or conventional system for delivering concepts through the use of symbols and combinations of the desired symbols are governed by the provisions).

The opinions above are similar to what was expressed by Tarin (1989:4), he gives two definitions of the language. First, language is a system that systematically, perhaps also for generative systems. Second, language is a set of symbols as you like it or arbitrary symbols.

According to Santoso (1990:1), language is a series of sound produced by said means of a conscious human being.
Another definition, language is a form and not a state (language may be the form and not matter) or something that sounds arbitrary symbol system, or also a system of many systems, a system of an order or an order in the system- the system. The expression proposed by Mackey (1986:12).

According Wibowo (2001:3), language is a system of symbols that are meaningful and articulate sound (generated by said tool) which are arbitrary and conventional, which is used as a means of communicating by a group of human beings to give birth to feelings and thoughts.

Almost similar to the opinion Wibowo, Walija (1996:4), disclose the definition language of communication is the most complete and effective way to convey ideas, messages, intentions, feelings and opinions to others.

Other opinions about the definition of language expressed by Shamsuddin (1986:2), he gave two language understanding. First, language is a tool used to shape the mind and feelings, desires and deeds, a tool used to influence and be influenced. Second, language is a clear sign of a good personality or bad, a clear sign of the family and the nation, a clear sign from the mind of humanity.

While Pengabean (1981:5), argues that language is a system of express and report what happens on the nervous system.

Recent opinion of this short paper about the language expressed by Soejono (1983:01), language is a means of spiritual communication is very important in life together.

As with the Wikipedia, which is almost the same on the definition of language that has been presented to the experts. And the following languages ​​definition according to Wikipedia.
1. a system to represent objects, actions, ideas and circumstances.
2. an apparatus which is used to convey their real concept into the minds of others
3. a unified system of meaning
4. a code that is used by a linguistic expert to distinguish between form and meaning.
5. deliver a speech grammar that have been established (eg, words, sentences, and others.)
6. a speech system that will be understood by the linguistic community....

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