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ENOUGH 3 LESSONS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL - Ideally students from elementary schools (SD) is given only three subjects, for a growing number given subject will only add to the burden and make them confused.

Education Observer North Sumatra University (USU), Zulnaidi, in Medan, Saturday (15/11), say, which is needed for elementary level students really only three basic principles of education that is at math, smart reading, and writing. With smart reading, any knowledge that can be gained and wanted to know if students can have brilliant ideas to put it in writing.

"So in essence SD subjects that do not have too many students so that students do not become stressed and can develop more creative," he said.

During this education in Indonesia is also not able to achieve the objectives as stated in the law of national education goals. Quality education is capable of carrying a human resources towards more superior.

As per the law, it must be able to deliver education students become citizens who have a concern and awareness of the progress of the nation, so the reference to educational success is measured not only by being able to make as much money and become rich.

If education was limited to be able to make money, it is the most ugly character education and school principals should have tried to change the orientation of education is already one for this.

"It's not a rich country that can ensure quality education, but the quality of education that can make a country becomes richer. So now is how do we all, including the government could control towards a better education," he said.

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