The Pearl Words

Understanding Announcement - The announcement was a letter presented to the public, a group of audiences without having to know who and how many readers, and anyone the right to read, but not all that interested readers (Nurjamal and Sumirat, 2010:56). Pengumman made ​​to communicate or inform an idea, thought to others. The announcement is one part of the letter is distinguished by the number of targets.

Finoza (1995: 106) argues that the letter containing the notice is a notice to the crowd that needs to be known by anyone with an interest in accordance with the contents of the announcement. This is an official announcement regarding the contents of which aspects of service, whether made ​​by the agency / organization or by a person. The announcement was almost the same as the letter edran that serves to convey some information, which sets it apart is its target, only circular delivered to certain parties who deserve to know its contents, while the announcement can be known or read of all men, although not everyone is concerned with the content of the announcement.

Target announcement is a person who has an interest with the contents of the announcement. This announcement targets are usually not known exactly how many and tailored to the content and purpose of this announcement.

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